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Established in 2005, Decision Power, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota,  is a family-owned company that develops, distributes, and supports record-keeping software for pork and poultry producers.

Over the past fifteen years, Decision Power’s SwineBooks Pro® has become the record-keeping software of choice among a significant and growing number of producers in the U.S. and Canada.  Decision Power has built its reputation as a company that provides excellent software, coupled with outstanding training and support.

Our production and financial management software is intuitive and easy to use.  Plus, we enjoy working closely with our customers so they maximize the benefits of using the software, and we welcome suggestions and requests for program features.

Subscriptions include toll-free telephone support and one-on-one training sessions on the customer’s computer via log-in.

SwineBooks and PoultryBooks software products do the hard work of storing, analyzing and combining production and financial data into reports that are meaningful and easy to understand.

Let us help you become quicker and more efficient at record-keeping and reporting, thereby freeing up more of your time for other business that demands your attention.